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Operating in 12 thriving ecosystems and counting, American Inno connects brands and businesses with their community’s most innovative and influential leaders through digital media, events, custom packages and intelligence.

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American Inno hosts over 50 events annually, attracting 12,000+ attendees. From intimate, programming-heavy meetups to large-scale awards shows, Inno brings a city’s business leaders of today & tomorrow together through fun, engaging events. Whether it’s a clever activation designed to showcase your brand and help you generate leads or recruit the best talent or it’s a custom event that positions your business as an industry thought-leader, there are a variety of ways to partner on Inno events.


Across its entire network, Inno sends nearly 3 million emails a month, keeping a city’s most innovative, influential business leaders informed and connected every day. Get in front of this audience by sponsoring The Beat, Inno’s core local newsletter, and have your brand and messaging right where it matters most – their inbox. To reserve a slot in an Inno newsletter, head over to our new self-checkout page below.

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Inno publishes nearly 300 original stories a month, from profiles on first-time founders and serial entrepreneurs to deep-dives on emerging, new industries and categories. Weave your brand, messaging and thought-leadership into Inno’s sites and newsletters through Native Advertising and get your sponsored content in front of community and industry stakeholders.


The best way to reach the Inno audience is by engaging them both online and offline. That’s why Inno combines its newsletter, native, and event assets into omni-channel packages, allowing you to amplify your brand across the entire network.


Curious about breaking into the local tech community? Thinking about putting together an event series with industry leaders? Hoping to launch an in-house accelerator or incubator and have no idea where to begin? (Do you not know the difference between those two and need a quick ‘Startup Workshop?’) Simply looking to be more innovative? Culled from nearly a decade of canvasing and covering thriving and emerging ecosystems, Inno’s unique market intelligence, combined with its event and digital media expertise, helps brands tap into local innovation. Let’s meet.

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Looking to help strengthen the Milwaukee tech ecosystem and recruit talent, Northwestern Mutual signed on as a Founding Partner on Wisconsin Inno, having their brand and messaging woven throughout its site, newsletter and events annually.

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Events & Custom


Following BostInno’s 50 on Fire event, which brings the whole community together to celebrate 50 of the most innovative people & business in Boston, Inno partnered with Gentleman Jack on a custom, intimate meetup with just the award winners.

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Omni Channel


As a leading customer service software company, Zendesk is always looking to strike up conversations with high-growth tech companies. To do so, Zendesk partnered with every market on newsletter, native and event campaigns, reaching the entire Inno network both online and offline.


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